Renata Buciene

 Renata Buciene – eBusiness

I successfully completed the level 5 eBusiness course at North Connaught College in May 2020. For me I was so happy to have achieved this qualification and found the experience at NCC a great one.  All the teachers and staff members were friendly and helpful and I would like to say a special thank you to them. When I needed help they were always there for me. I learned new and useful things, gained a lot of good experience and useful tips for later in life. I also had great classmates and enjoyed spending time with them in College. Thanks again NCC!

Beauty Therapy

Roisin Caldwell

Horsemanship Level 6

June Carr

Nursing Studies

Concepta Brennan

Concepta Brennan – Nursing Studies

When I decided to return to adult education in North Connaught College the transition was made very easy for me by the warm and encouraging reception from the staff and tutors. As I continued with my studies I was supported academically and gained great knowledge in all areas. The College certainly had an ‘open door’ policy and welcomed all queries and concerns to encourage your development. My experience in North Connaught College was very positive and I would recommend it to others considering further education.

Security Studies

Marija Siskeviciene

Advanced Administration

Patricia McDonagh

Health Service Supervisory Management Skills

Melissa Dumortier

Community Development

Eria Galorport

Childcare Level 6

Kelly Johnston

Kelly Johnston – Childcare Level 6

Hi. My name is Kelly Johnston and I have just completed the Early Childhood Care and Education Level 6 course at North Connaught College. I would like to thank the teachers that selected me for this award. I did not expect to get this award and I am overwhelmed by it. I had a great year in North Connaught College. I made new friends with whose friendship I will continue with outside of College. I also had an amazing experience that I would never have received without the support of the College.
I was chosen for the ERASMUS+ programme and got the opportunity to travel to Barcelona for two weeks working in a childcare setting. I was able to see the difference between childcare in Spain and Ireland which I found very interesting and of great benefit for me into the future. I also got the opportunity to explore the cultural side of Spain. We really enjoyed our time and had a great experience which I will never forget.
Overall, my year of study in North Connaught College was one I really enjoyed and I look forward to what the future has for me with my Level 6 qualification.

Childcare Level 5

Clara Anthony

Health Service Skills

James Keaveney