This is Elaine a past student who has travelled around the world from Sligo to Switzerland!
How did you start your career in the Beauty Industry?

I started my beauty career in NCC in 2014/2015, I found employment quickly after year 1 in VOYA seaweed baths Sligo working as a massage therapist, in 2017 I left Voya and moved abroad to France, confident that my studies in beauty would be sufficient in securing a job in the beauty industry. I went on to work in Switzerland because where I live in France is just beside the Switzerland border so I travel everyday to Geneva where I work as a beauty therapist in a 5 star luxury hotel, where I had the pleasure of meeting some famous faces including Cristiano Ronaldo. I hope to continue in different training and be involved in teaching beauty in the future.

What advice would you give to people starting their careers in the Beauty Industry?
To enjoy the work you do, when your happy in your work it reflects on each client J
Be confidential and confident with each client
Be open minded, always up grading your knowledge and training in the best the industry has to offer.
Sometimes being a therapist means being strong not every day or every client is perfect and that’s ok and normal, so never be hard on yourself or put yourself under pressure.

Why would you recommend CIDESCO training at North Connaught College to students? Yes, I found the CIDESCO course allowed me to gain an excellent qualification and allowed me to travel and get to where I am now.

What are your favourite treatments? My favourite is body treatments and facial treatments