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How do I apply? 

You can apply by completing an ‘Expression of Interest’ form which is available from the College (should have this available on the website and direct the learner to it).  

You can apply directly on the course page on the website by clicking the ‘Apply Now’ button.  

You can go onto the website and search for the course that you are interested in. If you are looking for more background information on this application process then go to the ‘How to Apply using FETCH’ section.  


Is the course full-time or part-time? 

All course are full-time usually commencing in September and finishing in May.  


How much does a course cost? 

All course fees, from registration to exams and awarding body fees are covered.   

Beauty Therapy, Business  and Nursing course will incur material and equipment costs. These are subject to change. Refer to the individual course to check for additional costs.   


What are the entry requirements for courses? 

There are no formal entry requirements for applicants for the majority of our courses. Beauty Therapy and Equine have some criteira. This will be assessed at the interview stage.   


How do I find out more about the course? 

Check out our website on Drop us an email at [email protected]. Phone us on 071 9185035. Fill in the ‘Contact Us’ section on our Contact Us page. Drop into the College and speak to us.  


How will I know that my application has been received? 

Once you have submitted your application the College will be in contact via text message. We will make further contact with regard to interviews, induction, etc.  


What do I do if I have any concerns (in general)? 

If you have any general concerns, please look to speak to your class Tutor. Otherwise you can speak to any member of staff or email us on [email protected].  


I have additional needs. How does that work? 

We have a learner support teacher who will meet with you at induction and plan to support you through the year. You can also mention it to your class tutor. When you apply for a course, there is an opportunity on the application form to highlight additional needs. That will then be ‘flagged’ to the College.  


What is induction, and what do I need to bring with me? 

Induction is an introduction to the College and College life for the year. You will attend induction in person. You will be sent details of the date and time of your Induction via text? We will check that we have your contact details recorded correctly (this is especially important). We will send full details of what you need to bring with your Induction invitation. Induction starts in early September and classes commence shortly after induction.   


Do I need my own equipment? 

This varies by course – you will certainly need regular items such as stationary (pens and writing materials). For certain courses you will need you own equipment – you will be given details of this after your interview. 


I’m concerned about access to IT equipment and IT skills? 

A standard laptop will suffice for your course. The College does provide a rental arrangement (specific criteria apply). You will get a student email account, and we’ll explain how to access our online leaning platform, Teams. We’ll help you understand how these work at Induction and how to access support while you are at college. Training will also be provided.  


When will classes commence for students? 

Classes usually commence the first week in September.  


What is the procedure if I am off sick from College? 

If possible notify your class tutor. If you have a medical certificate you should provide a copy of this to the Deputy Principal upon return to College. 

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