Are you thinking of a new career path? Or just starting out? We are here to help, we offer courses in Beauty, Business, Childcare, Nursing, Retail, Warehousing, Computers, Security and Tourism.

There are just three steps to choosing a course to suit your needs at North Connaught College:

  1. Phone 0719185035 and speak to our secretary Dolores; she will make an appointment for you to speak to an adviser – no commitment; no prior qualifications needed; no right or wrong age or experience, your adviser will talk to you about your needs.
  2. During the discussion you may want to ask questions or just receive information. The discussion can be anything from 10 minutes to an hour to suit you.
  3. Apply for a course after discussion by going to our online application .  If you need help with this come into the college and someone will assist.

If you want to apply first,  then go straight to the online application and we will give you an appointment for a short interview in May.

We look forward to meeting you! Principal Margaret Scollan

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